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The Underwater Proposal – Jasmine and Darwin (with subtitles) 720p HD

April 2011

In a very spontaneous attempt to propose an engagement to my Jasmine, I asked Alex our instructor and dive buddies to help devise a plan bringing us down to the underwater cathedral in Anilao Batangas, Philippines.

There, we knelt down in front of the cross, with bananas in our hand instead of candles. Clipped the ring to a chain and a carabiner hook. Then gave her the tiffany ring.

During the dive I dropped my lead weights off my pocket as i was reaching out for the ring. Haha! And then I flew away. Positive buoyancy made me disappear. LOL! (sorry i’ma noob diver)

But of course, she said yes. With tears. :,)

OST – Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap
Thanks Tony for filming everything