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Trash Talk, garbage facts [INFORGRAPHIC]

Trash Talk, garbage facts [INFORGRAPHIC]


By Darwin Zialcita

Motivational wallpapers

Free wallpapers for your laptop or desktop. With useful quotes and cute photo collection. It’s 16:9 1366 x 768

Jasmine: Quiet Time | 2011 vol 1.0

My wife’s latest songs in her unreleased album. Unedited, fresh, and praiseworthy.

Well congratulations to Dirt Cage Novitzki and Mavs

I am for no team, but i like the mavs because i find the Nowitzki appealing.

But i liked Miami Heat to win Game 6 because i would love to watch a game 7.

Since it’s has not happened at all. Here’s for you, Dirk. :p

Nicolas Novitzki:

Krusty the clown:



My love.

Bunny kiss!

Happy 113th independence day

Ah yes, my first proper blog post in WordPress. Been trying to figure out how to crack its code for a wee bit, but nevertheless, it’s time to throw in the towel and use a free theme. And of course customise it a tad bit. And here’s it’s banner.

June 2011 Banner

June 2011 Banner