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What would you buy with P10B?

What would you buy with P10B?


Yes, the Pork Barrel will almost be officially abolished. Thanks to that recent P10B Pork Barrel Napoles scandal, it has caused an outrage to the normal Filipinos. We could have built a proper race circuit with that money. Tsk :p

Here’s a little infographic for you guys in what we think we can purchase with P10,000,000,000 gazillions. How about you? What would you buy with that money?

Click image then full screen.

News Moto Magazine | 1st Issue Preview

News Moto, a new motorcycle racing magazine in the Philippines, did some lay-outing and put my photography in it.


MotoGP Photography, Project 85, Darwin Zialcita


News Moto, MotoGP Photography, Project 85, Darwin Zialcita


News Moto, MotoGP Photography, Project 85, Darwin Zialcita

New 2012 Project 85 calendar is out! Racing for a cause.

A beautifully crafted 6 page 8″ x 5.5″ glossy calendar for your desk. Hand made and well designed in-house.

For PH friends, you can order one for only Php150.00 + shipping.

For the rest of the world, it’s only US$10.00 + shipping.

For orders, email me at for inquiry or leave a comment on or facebook page:

All proceeds will go the the Racing Ministry, supporting out of school youngsters at the grassroot level of motorcycle racing.

Project85 faithfully supports Philippine racing sport and racing talents. Such as Mokoy Ancheta, J.E. and many more (only moral support for now LOL),

Our dream is to bring PH talents to international level and be a Christ-like example to the aspiring youth. Get a calendar and help a talent!

Merry Christmas To All!

Our Christmas 2011 banner :)



And our fb page profile pic:

Trolling for Boxing Fans. :p

Nov 13, 2011 +8GMT

Manila, Philippines.

It is heartbreaking to watch fellow Filipinos booing Manny Pacquiao for his win today vs. Marquez in their 3rd fight against each other. It was like rapid fire in Twitter, Facebook and TV.

Apparently Juan Manuel Marquez did really fight better than Pacman tonight. In fact he fought brilliantly on the last 3 rounds, but Pac won the fight by quantity. Manny earned these points in the earlier rounds. Is this a game of numbers, yes? Still, Manny won.


Pic 1: Be greatful that Manny won again!

Pic 2: “All you are full of BS. I won, yet you guys still complain?!”



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