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On British MotoGP at Silverstone, Colin Edwards and the jet ski race.

The 2011 MotoGP championship standings has indeed shaken up. First of all, congratulations to Casey Stoner for brilliantly riding again for the win. He rode with agression and balance like a real sportsman. This is number 27’s 27th MotoGP victory. Dovizioso took the second spot on the podium by intellegently staying upright and at the same time keeping Simoncelli and Lorenzo behind him. Pedrosa, the only “alien” capable of facing an upfront challenge to Stoner for the world championship is probably at home now watching the live race on telly.

The Factory Yamaha garage had a different story as both of their riders failed to pass the checkered flag. Ben Spies crashed in an unknown incident and was air-lifetd to the medical centre for check up. Then 2 laps later, while Jorge Lorenzo was pushing Dovi too hard, he went deep into the throttle, resulting a huge highside with a China 2008 style of crash, he luckily escaped unscathed unlike 2008 thanks to his Dainese D-Air airbag for saving his upper body and neck. This is the Spaniard’s first crash since Malaysia 2009 and has maintained an outstanding record of finishing a race not lower than 4th position for 25th consecutive races in a row. Brilliant. But finally crashed, showing us how trecherous the conditions are. Jules Cluzel form Moto2 was even spotted wearing electric tyre warmers wrapped around him during his waiting time.

Marco Simoncelli also crashed by also pushing Dovi. The Super Sic must be really gutted by now, 3 crashes in just 6 races, always been denied the podium by any circumstances, you cannot say he is not trying too hard. Today, he looked absolutely disguntled right after this incident, in the Telly apparently shows his body gesture, he could be actually what would have been looked like crying toddler inside his helmet with his airbag inflated on. All of the bemoaning is simply because Simoncelli is the fastest on all practice and qualifying sessions. He has no more excuses this time. This time there is no one else he could be angry of but himself. At least we all know what he is capable of.

Of course, the spotlight goes to Colin Edwards. Superb race for the Texas Tornado as he managed to bag 3rd in the rostrum today with a disintegrated collarbone & ribs from a crash just 8 days ago! The American deserved all the accolades as he is a very determined man.

It is a half-hearted race for Valentino Rossi as he had one of the worst weekends he ever had in his carrer. Struggling at the back of the pack on all practice sessions. This is indeed a race to forget for the Italian. Abraham was even the top Ducati at the starting line up. But, Rossi, starting from last row in the grid, the Italian only managed 6th place only with a bit wee of luck. I will keep my words about VR by myself for the meanwhile as i will be writing its own article. Well, good for Rossi and other riders who managed to stay upright in this drenched race.

Heroic actions come from the local because we must not forget Bradley Smith taking a podium in Moto2 in his home race from 28th on the grid. The youngster was of true class that the British fans could be at least be proud of.

In a disenchanting reality, 2011 is a crash fest mayhem. Cal, Ped, Lor, Cap, Bau and RdP all broke bones this year. Two riders are missing (Cruthclow and Pedrosa) taking the grandprix participation into an alarming dimunitive size which is very disheartening for the sport. But 2010 is still the worst of all recent GP years, no one wants another event of Rossi breaking a tibia and fibula, but most frustratingly, we will never want to see a Tomizawa accident again.

Let us all move on to the next race in Assen, Netherlands, where racing legends genuinely shine. We all want Rossi to come up with something magical. But knowing Casey Stoner’s destiny, by the time champagne is being sprayed in Silverstone, the Australian must probably be in Assen at the same moment, that is how fast he is. With this kind of cosmic speed, unless something weird happens, there is a very good chance that a real face-to-face battle in this season will be just a figment of our imagination.

By Darwin Zialcita
A race pundit, club racer, photographer, paddock bum and has been following MotoGP since 1996

Photos by Andrew Wheeler… (Thanks in advance! Love your photos. Big fan!)


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